It’s a spa for the psyche.

Ceremony and ritual allow women to access parts of their ‘inner knowing’ that they cannot find the space to access at any other time. It provides us with a physical form to move through something we’re sitting with, or struggling to resolve and anchors our intention to nourish more deeply.

It connects our heart, mind, body and soul so we can feel in our truth and in our alignment.

It provides our mind with the safety to ‘let go’, so we can truely listen to our heart and soul for guidance, and drop in to our body for contentment.

We can enter a ceremony with a ‘cause’ or a reason, with an outcome in mind, with an intention, or with an openness for whatever arises.
We can create ceremony for a purpose or for ‘none’.
We can show up to support one-another, or to focus specifically on one woman who may need extra love, healing or support at this moment in time.

We gather so we can remember.
Remember who we are.
Remember what we have forgotten about ourselves.
Remember what our minds have forgotten, but our body hangs on to.
Remember we are powerful, we are wise, we are strong and we are courageous.

Women’s Circle is a monthly gathering, honouring your inner world.

My super-power is creating intention and holding women in a way that they can access what they cannot on their own. With a blend of all my years of wisdom we will dive into our own sacred honouring, inner knowing, embodiment and mindfulness experiences.

I weave opportunities to experience as much or as little as you feel prepared to, opportunity to dive below the surface of the beliefs you find yourself currently running, and moments of sensual awakening.

I sew magic into the woman’s journey of knowing herself more deeply, so she can nourish her world around her from a wellspring of love, surrender and appreciation.

I will help you stand in your sacred ground.

Women’s Circle

Circle is monthly, on a Saturday night 7.30pm - 10.30pm,
at Yoga Harta in Seaford, Victoria, Australia.

Places are limited and I only open the doors once a year to form a new group of women willing to walk this path with me.

I hold great reverence for creating a ‘safe container’ of known and trusted women, to do the inner work of transforming your world. The group you begin with, is the same group of women you will see each and every month for a full year.

Together we will see what magic we can create within ourselves.


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