Connect with your essence.

Women’s Circle provides the ‘container’ for your mind to safely ‘let go’, so you can drop in to your body, and truely listen to your heart and soul for guidance.

Women’s Circle is a monthly gathering, honouring your inner world.

My super-power is creating intention and holding women in a way that they can access what they cannot on their own. With a blend of all my years of wisdom we will dive into our own sacred honouring, inner knowing, embodiment and gain wisdom and insight from the experiences of our lives.

I weave opportunities to experience as much, or as little, as you feel prepared to, and moments for you to move into awakening your feminine.

I sew magic into the woman’s journey of knowing herself more deeply, so she can nourish her world around her from a wellspring of love, surrender and appreciation.

I will help you stand in your sacred ground.


Women’s Circle

Circle is monthly, on a Sunday night 3pm-6pm,
in Seaford, Victoria, Australia.

Places are limited and I only open the doors once a year to form a new group of women willing to walk this path with me.

I hold great reverence for creating a ‘safe container’ of known and trusted women, to do the inner work of transforming your world. The group you begin with, is the same group of women you will see each and every month for a full year.

Together we will see what magic we can create within ourselves.


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