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Naturopath, Doula, Mothering Mentor



A women's circle designed to nourish and nurture the mother-to-be in the lead up to her birth.

You will find a book guiding you through setting up and running your own, and the services I offer for holding this space.


Empowered birth looks like a huge spectrum of different experiences, but what all these births have in common is the feeling of empowerment and connection.

It's your birth, it is important.

Learn how to create the birth you desire!


The "why" behind your health.  Delve into the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your dis-ease within your body or your life.

I had no idea it could be this much.  I had no idea I could handle it.  I had no idea how beautiful it all actually is.

- Tyler Knott Gregson



Get back in love with yourself as a mother and your journey of motherhood.  

It IS possible to be a luscious woman, a conscious parent and a connected partner.



Julie Tenner is a mother of four, Co-founder of Nourishing The Mother and The Pleasure Nutritionist. A Naturopath and doula, her focus is on bringing pleasure back into our health, mothering and lives.  Author, Birth Coach, Health Professional, Mothering Mentor.

A captivating storyteller, Julie brings heart and charisma to her work with a distinctive combination of knowledge and soul.  Passionate about women, body connection and parenting, Julie has expertise on health and wellbeing with intellectual foundations and spiritual underpinnings.  She can masterfully weave physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health into practical lifestyle tips and choices, inspiring conscious questions, thought and change. 

This body of knowing is so deeply steeped in Julie's 'being', that combined with years of practice in holding womens space in birth and in transformative circles, Julie has an ability to anchor intention and weave ceremony in a potent and meaningful way....with a sprinkle of magic. 



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Nourishing the Mother

Nourishing the Mother is a space to hold the heartbreak, the heart opening and the immensity of love that defines motherhood. 

This is a podcast and virtual platform in which safety is created to lay down shame, surrender defensiveness and listen deeply to the whisperings within to consciously carve a path forwards for you and your children that is completely congruent with who you are, devoid of fear, judgment and ‘should’s’.

Julie and Bridget are two women who embrace the journey of motherhood as a path to consciousness. Together they share a mix of story from the heart, wisdom from the soul, and practical tools for living a life that is empowered, aligned and lush.  They are the empathetic and honest voice of mothers around the world who are seeking to embody the sacredness of the woman’s journey at the heart of the profound nature of the parent-child dynamic.  Listen in and get inspired while you...clean, cook, walk....




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