Read the love

and hear other womens experiences

Julie brought such a kind & loving energy to the my Blessingway, making it such a special experience for both myself & my guests.
— Sarah

“…Nearly all my guests were new to the concept of a Blessingway so I wasn’t sure how they would respond, but with Julie's warm greeting and welcoming rituals at the door she set the tone for the day, creating a space where my guests felt comfortable and interested in what was to come.

Julie was able to hold the space beautifully for these women as they opened up within our circle in ways that many had never opened up before. Together we laughed and we cried, and we came away feeling so connected & nourished by the sisterhood we had created.

I had never been to a Blessingway before but Julie was wonderful at giving ideas & suggestions along the way to create a Blessingway ceremony that was unique to me.

She also created the most divine flower crown for me to wear for the day making me feel like such a Goddess, along with foliage crowns for all my guests.

I came away from the experience feeling blissed out & supported by my circle of women as I move forward preparing for the birth of my first child. I have had nothing but wonderful feedback from all my guests who were so honoured to be part of such a special event.

Thank you Julie for creating the Blessingway experience I had hoped for”

The afternoon provided a safe calm place for me to share my experiences about growing into a woman with my daughter. It allowed us the time to connect on a deeper level and for us to build on our relationship and strengthen our trust in each other
— Rikki, reflections on a New Moon Ceremony
Julie has a unique gift in bringing women together to be present, open up and connect in a way that we don’t usually experience in our busy modern day lives.
— Bree

“Today, on International Women's Day, marks one year to the birth of our beautiful daughter, Quil Amaya. 1 orbit around the sun, 365 days she has brought a blissful abundance of light and love to our lives. As I reflect on her journey from the beginning, I am so thankful that we celebrated her entirely, before she was Earthside. Immensely grateful to Julie, my friend and beautifully honest, enriched soul, who majestically held space at my Blessingway. It was an incredible way to mark this sacred rite of passage and precious time as I embraced my new journey as a mother of four. It was also to be my 4th caesarean birth and I felt incredibly called to honour this whilst also intentionally confronting precieved fears and anxieties associated with increased risks surrounding delivery. Magnificently, Julie created a space for my most intimate tribe to gather, share, let go of fear, allow light, open-heartedness, vulnerability, support and overwhelming unconditional love to ripple. It was incredibly important to me to have my absolute closest friend, a male attend. With a complete open mind, Julie wholeheartedly showered support and encouragement and held space so beautifully with my loved ones”

Julie wholeheartedly showered support and encouragement and held space so beautifully with my loved ones. I will always be filled to the brim with adoration and gratitude
— Cate