New Moon Circle

Coming of Age Ceremony
Mother-daughter ceremony


This is a beautiful heart-centred ceremony to experience with your daughter as she makes her transition from childhood to womanhood.

Gather an intimate group of your daughters friends, with their own mother or significant woman in their life, and together we will sit in circle with these emerging women and pave the way for a different experience of womanhood; one that is honoured, revered and looked forward to with ease and excitement.

We can tailor your ceremony to reflect the group of girls present, discuss what your intention or desired feeling is that you’d like them to leave the experience with, along with any specific rituals you’d like to include to create a truly magical moment in time, that all daughters present will remember for the rest of their lives.


Womanhood can be a magnificent experience and we want our daughters to know the power they posses within their feminine.

As they transform into women, we can create a space that creates a container to say all the un-said things, to hand down the wisdom and power we want them to have as they lead their own life.

No matter your groups background or personal family discussions, we can open the doors for many conversations and considerations as both she and you make this transition.

Over 3 hours, your ceremony can include:

  • Rituals designed to honour the beauty within each daughter

  • Rituals designed to bring to light the wisdom of each mother present, to share with all daughters present

  • A guide into understanding the female cycle and our ancestral experience of moon time

  • Connecting and bonding experiences to share your heart with your daughter, as you offer her a place to revere this passage she is making

  • Meditation, mindfulness and/or embodiment practices

  • A beautiful ceremony that marks the importance of this rite of passage and offers your daughter a different foray into awakening heart, mind, body and soul

  • Discussions designed to ‘hand down’ vital womens knowledge, in an accessible way. Topics can include nutrition, skin care, a woman's cycle, natural medicines that help, what to do when you have your first period, what it is to be a woman, courtship or companionship, sacred sexuality, mental health. If you’d like to open up a discussion on any particular topic, please just include it in your message (select only 1-2 topics).


What is not made sacred becomes shameful.

This is a ceremony designed to flip on its head our cultural perception of womanhood “being a curse” and instead paves the way for the conversation of it being a great privilege and gift.

What a different experience our girls will have when allowed a sacred space to explore what it is to be a woman who loves her body, who listens to her intuition, and who knows pleasure and reverence is her birth rite.

Ceremony Running Service: $600

  • Includes phone conversation to conceptualise your ceremony

  • follow up email detailing all the information you need to pass on to the mothers of the group, to gather and create what is needed for your uniquely designed rituals.

  • Moon Circle Wisdom Booklet creation

I suggest you share all the information with the group you’d like to open it up to and talk about dividing the costs up, as a per daughter price, to equally hold ownership in the process of creating this intentional experience.

You can create your own special invites, or simply create a Facebook Messenger group (or the likes) so there is one spot to place all the information and reminders for what to bring. There are a few logistics necessary to organise and orchestrate a ceremony, so there needs to be one mother who will take on this role for the circle, and with whom I will communicate.

Enquiries can be made through the booking form

Additional Extra Options

Flower Crown

You can include flower crown making for the daughters of the group during your ceremony. This can be a beautiful ritual shared between mother and daughter and there is just something magical that happens when women place a crown on their head!

Cost to supply materials (except flowers/foliage) $100.



Can I host a ceremony if no one has been to one before?

Yes! What you’ll find is that women and young women alike, when given the opportunity, will willingly walk a path into themselves and offer love to those women around them. Most of the ceremony’s and circles I run are with women who have never been to one before, or who wouldn’t normally attend something ‘like that’.

Being an experienced leader I am able to hold a vibe, or intention, of the group, without it being too intimidating or ‘woo-woo’. I will create a seamless transition through a journey of rituals designed to hold connection, share wisdom and experience the reverence and love for the feminine and the mother-daughter relationship.

I’m not sure my daughters friends mums would be into it….I might not have enough for a circle!

Just put it out there! If you feel a calling to honour your daughter as she crosses this threshold, don’t ignore that desire! Share it!

Let your daughters friends know what you’d like to do, and why, and share the link to this page so they can explore it for themselves. Most women in our culture are unaccustomed to feeling honoured for being a woman, never having experienced reverence for their feminine, or the transitions they themselves have made. Often the mums you’ll know won’t know something like this is possible, or even available! Given the space, time and intentional ‘container’ to experience something like this, most women want their daughter to have the experience they themselves never had the opportunity to.

You can have a circle with two women, there really isn’t a minimum number, however I advise keeping your circle to 15 girls or less, so that the integrity of each experience is maintained.