My Story


Julie Tenner is a mother of four, Co-founder of Nourishing The Mother and The Pleasure Nutritionist. A Naturopath and doula, her focus is on bringing pleasure back into our health, mothering and lives.  Author, Birth Coach, Health Professional, Mothering Mentor.

A captivating storyteller, Julie brings heart and charisma to keynotes with a distinctive combination of knowledge and soul.  Passionate about women, body connection and parenting, Julie can discuss health and wellbeing with intellectual foundations and spiritual underpinnings, to masterfully weave physical, mental and emotional health into practical lifestyle tips, inspiring thought and change. 

Julie’s depth of health experience and breadth of content means she can kick off or close any conference with heart opening energy, or she can facilitate a structured, tailored workshop for a small group wishing to dive deeper or arouse a particular message.

How did I get here?
I always had a fascination with ceremony and ritual, as far back as I can remember.

A daughter of a Yogi, I learnt early on the power of our voice, that our words have wings and that our body is a pathway to consciousness. I have been in presence of women, rituals and circles since I was a teenager.

I studied to be a Naturopath, ran a paediatric practice, lectured in Naturopathy and later spent a year in circle with Rhea Dempsey, Australia’s matriarch of Birth Attending.

As with many of us, I have a complicated history with my feminine, my body and my sexuality, but through the portal of birth I found a healing space for all it.

Motherhood has been a journey even deeper into myself, a pathway to my higher consciousness and I have found a space where my cumulated gifts and learnings can offer a place to heal others.

I feel deep gratitude to be here, thank you for showing up with me.



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