Get back to connection with yourself and your children...


A consult specific to issues with your child, which you are having difficulty resolving.


On this parenting journey, we can get a bit lost and occasionally we need a check-in and tune up, to get us back "on-path", so we can ripple this connection and love out into our children, families and communities.


Our children are our mirrors (they reflect aspects of ourselves back to us) and whatever behaviour, problem or health issue they are displaying is as much part of our story and growth, as it is theirs.  

When we allow ourselves the spaciousness to shift internally, it is extraordinary how our children mirror these shifts back to us and we see change and healing within them, without "doing" anything to them.

I truly believe that to help the child, you have to help the mother.


So this consult is part Naturopathy, with a look at physical health, but also deep dives into what your child’s story is revealing to you.  


We then focus on the tools for you, to create the shifts and healing within you; that consciously or unconsciously you’ve been craving, as well as the tools to help support your child through this phase you find yourself in.


You will see a child’s genius through the healing of a mother.  
It is beautiful and full of perfection the mother-child dynamic; a meeting of two souls wanting and creating experience and change for the other on their soul journey.  
It’s not easy, in fact challenge is always difficult – but its through the struggle we mine our diamonds of wisdom.  

I will walk you through this process and honour you as a woman and mother...


Mother - Child Connection Coaching Session

45 minute phone or Skype call relating to your child’s health and/or behaviour.

Together we will cover physical health, nutritional treatment options and discover the wisdom in the challenge.  Once we understand the "why", together we will implement strategies with connection to resource you and help your family.


Please note: Due to the nature of my coaching practice, I do not take on any private coaching clients until they have completed the base-level Nourishing the Mother online program - Loathing to Loving.  This allows us to dive deeply, quickly, in your private coaching time and for you to gain the most benefit from my services and time.


Mother-Child Coaching Session Price: $100 AU


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