Coaching with you is like being in an intimate warm cocoon
— Sophie

We all need an intimate warm cocoon where we can remove our armouring, and set down the old tattered pieces of ourselves we’ve carried for so long, or worn thread-bare, so we can love without guarded boundary and create the life or experience we want with intention.

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Listening with Love & Guidance.

4 weeks together of listening while you work through where you’re at, with my guidance and support, via a free walkie-talkie style app.

Together we’ll reveal what’s seeking acknowledgement, what hurt parts are seeking healing and what steps you can take to retrain your nervous system.

I will teach you the ways of your feminine core, on her own and in relationship. We will find new ways of ‘being’ for you, press on edges of comfort as you integrate them into your life and relationships, and teach you how to access these parts of yourself consciously.

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Awakening Session on the phone together.

Let’s chat together about where you’re at, where you want to be and what’s in the way of that - from birth trauma to conscious birth creation, to consciously entering parenting and relationship.

Let’s find your sticky bits, the places you stop and see what we can dissolve in a present moment together.

I will hold you with love and presence as you let your hearts truth come forward, touch fully the feelings it brings up and let your story heal.



Doula On-Call Service.

Spiritual, mental and emotional support with me during your most sensitive time.

This is for the woman who is creating a new birth story, who wants to birth with as much love, presence and consciousness as she can bring, and for the woman who expects and plans around the times she’ll hit all her edges in the lead up to her birth and during the birth itself.

The team you build around you will determine what you can access, heal and transform during your labour, and how much you’ll allow yourself to surrender to the process.

* For the last week or so of pregnancy and during your labour.


I generally see clients who are seeking:

  • Birth healing or conscious birth creation

  • Feminine embodiment and awakening

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Conscious relationship and sexuality exploration to expand upon where they’re at

  • Struggling with attachment/conscious parenting, especially where there is a ‘wounded mother’ or ‘not good enough mother’ story (your mother story)

However, if you’re unsure, please just email me and I’ll respond to you.



Working one on one with you has changed the way I experience myself, my children and my partner. Your patience, insights, humor and wisdom have helped me move beyond things that I thought were impossible to change or accept. Im so grateful. Thankyou!
— Ali

“ I recently had the absolute divine pleasure to undertake a month of coaching with Julie and with my hand on my heart I can say that this was one of the best investments I have given myself, my relationship and my family. Julie created a safe space for me to be able to show up in my fullness and vulnerability so that I was able to be 100% real and raw and get to the core of past wounds and pain that was stopping me from showing up in my life and for my family in the best version of myself. From the wisdom and nurturing of Julie, to the ease and availability of the app to be right there whenever I needed to download, vent or process what was going on for me in that exact moment, the experience was pure perfection. Life looks so different now from when I first started with Julie and her wisdom and guidance has kickstarted me on a journey of perceiving life from a perspective that is joyous, soul lead and over flowing with love. This is the gift that she has given to both myself and everyone I interact with. If your heart and soul are in need of nourishment they will find a safe space here, to be witness, held, loved on and rocked so gently back into flow. “

- Megan