A Space to connect with the feeling of peace + contentment in your mind + in your body

A monthly gathering of young maidens ages 12-16 years, to explore conversations about what it is to be a woman, and what comes up in the process of finding that, under the guidance and direction of a health practitioner, embodied woman and connected mother.

I want to offer our young women a place to ‘put all the things’ they’re struggling with, confused about, and unsure of - so they may find their own inner confidence, build their own self-worth, and know how to honour themselves, as they blossom into the ‘wider world’.

maiden’s Circle is a monthly gathering, honouring who you are + who you are becoming.

Together we will explore a different topic each month, that is relevant to what’s happening in your life currently and what may come up in the future for you. I will gently guide discussions of topics through meditation, story and conscious thought, with lots of opportunity for contemplation and journalling.

To redefine what it means to be ‘woman’ is in this current day, we need to know what the journey of a woman is and has anciently been, so we may know how to step into our own lives with confidence, tolerance and connection.

I will help you stand on your sacred ground, feel deeply nourished + supported as you navigate a life you’re captivated by.


Maiden’s Circle

Circle is monthly, on a Thursday 5pm-7pm,
in Seaford, Victoria, Australia.

Places are limited to 12 per gathering. please contact me ahead of time to secure your place.

$16 per session

Begins Thursday July 25.


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