Pleasure is yours to have my darling...

Put the pleasure and desire back into health!


Reconnect to the woman you are

- your magnificence, your feminine lusciousness, your vibrancy!


I combine Naturopathic and Nutritional knowledge, with unpacking beliefs that hold you back. Together we will dive into your "why" behind your health challenges, put the pleasure and sensuality back into your life and use practical tools to reconnect you to your body and health.


In a life of service, we can begin to lose our connection to ourselves.  We ignore our own needs, we deprive ourselves in countless ways and we don't feel like we fit with who we were, or who are now.  So we suppress and push onwards, despite our burn-out....then we wonder why we feel so burnt out, lost, disconnected and numb! 


A woman’s power lies in her feminine – her intuition, her sensuality and her desire are the cornerstones of getting back in love with her life, her body, her parenting and her journey.


When women are inspired, lit up and ignited to live a life they love; spaciousness and lusciousness flows out from them effortlessly, nourishing everyone around them.


What is health beyond what we put in our mouths?

 What if a life and body you love is more about what you’re feeling, than what you’re eating? 


You have within you a Goddess who wants to be released to shine her light on this world,
a Seductress who longs to have her way with you,
a soul waiting with love for your unfolding as woman, mother and soul on a journey.  
You can ignite your spark, clear away the dust that’s covered it over the years and find your magnificence.  
You can get back in love with who you are, with your story that has lead you here, with your mothering and awaken your connection to your sensual and seductive self.


Food is a sensual and seductive act - an honouring of your body and an expression of your soul. It can fill your world with joy, your tongue with desire, or it can be used to control and create disconnection. 

Most likely you have already ‘done’ punishment, reward, strict control or let go completely, but still find yourself back at disharmony, dislike and at a crossroads of guilt and “have to”.


If I ate strictly (insert diet) because it’s the cure to my dis-ease, but I’m imploding with feelings of deprivation, shame, guilt and judgment – exerting control over my “inappropriate” appetite – would I still be healthy?


This journey to health is dedicated to those of us who feel frustrated with the current paradigm of health; which sees nutrition as a purely intellectual act and has women berate themselves for breaking their ‘food rules’.

It is the journey of bringing back the pleasure and desire to our health. It is helping women remember their innate sensual, seductive natures; which are more powerful than any other aspect of health, more compelling than any Shades of Grey book and more healing than any day spa.

Come on a journey with me....


Private Coaching

Please note: Due to the nature of my coaching practice, I do not take on any private coaching clients until they have completed the base-level Nourishing the Mother online program - Loathing to Loving.  This allows us to dive deeply, quickly, in your private coaching time and for you to gain the most benefit from my services and time.

Private Coaching Session

One hour phone or Skype call delving into your specific issue/s and coaching you back into alignment, lusciousness and vibrancy.

Private Coaching 1 hour price: $150 AU


Mother - Child Connection Coaching

45 minute phone or Skype call relating to your child’s health and/or behaviour.

Together we will cover physical health, nutritional treatment options and discover the wisdom in the challenge.  Once we understand the "why", together we will implement strategies with connection to resource you and help your family.

Find out more here.

Mother - Child Coaching Session price: $100


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