Julie has a unique gift in bringing women together to be present, open up and connect in a way that we don’t usually experience in our busy modern day lives
— Emma

The Blessing Way

Mother Blessing
Belly Blessing

A woman-centered, heart-felt celebration of the journey courage into motherhood. Honouring the mothers experience, connecting her with the community that will nourish her and her baby. Blessing the way for her to follow into courage, surrender and the deepest of love.


Girls New Moon Circle

Mother-Daughter Coming-Of-Age Ceremony

A beautiful heart-centred ceremony honour your daughters experience of leaving childhood and stepping into womanhood. A celebration for a gathering of your daughters friends and their mothers.

It’s a sprinkling of magic + teachable moments


Design Your Own Ceremony

For any type of transition
Support, Guidance, Healing

I will create a Ceremony for the purpose of healing, or transition for yourself or a loved woman in your life.



Ceremony and ritual allow women to access parts of their ‘inner knowing’ that they cannot find the space to access at any other time. It provides us with a physical form to move through something we’re sitting with, or struggling to resolve and anchors our intention to nourish more deeply.

It connects our heart, mind, body and soul, so we can feel into our truth and speak our hearts-knowing.

It provides our mind with the safety to ‘let go’ so we can truely listen to our heart and soul for guidance, and drop in to our body with contentment.

We can enter a ceremony with a ‘cause’ or a reason, with an outcome in mind, with an intention, or with an openness for whatever arises.
We can create ceremony for a purpose, or for ‘none’ - but just as an experience of selfhood.
We can show up to support one-another, or to focus specifically on one woman who may need extra love, healing or support at this moment in time.

When we hold our dreams alone, they can feel unstable and impossible.
When we are held in the energy of other strong women who believe in our
dreams and in our ability to achieve them,
they can take root and grow within us.



Can I host a ceremony if no one has been to one before?

Yes! What you’ll find is that women, when given the opportunity, will willingly walk a path into themselves and offer love to those women around them. Most of the ceremony’s and circles I run are with women who have never been to one before, or who wouldn’t normally attend something ‘like that’. Being an experienced leader I am able to match the vibe and intention of the group and hold women in that, without it being too intimidating or ‘woo-woo’.

I don’t think my friends and family will really get it, or get into it. They might feel quite uncomfortable.

If you are willing to ‘put yourself out there’ and be grounded and honest in what you’re seeking to create, then I PROMISE (based on so many experiences) that everyone there will follow your lead. If you are the host of the gathering, energetically you hold the vibration of intention that those women will unconsciously beat to; the more you are willing to ‘show up’, the more they will reflect that back to you. I am able to bring spiritual concepts and moments into a circle that women feel comfortable entering, with ease and grace.

I’m not sure I’m worth ‘the fuss’…

hmmmm. I hear versions of this one a lot, from so many women, about so many different areas of life. The very thing we need the most, we rarely feel comfortable asking for. We have so much story, cultural/familial/personal story, about why we’re not deserving, why we are more comfortable in giving than in receiving, but it is moments like these, moments to bathe deeply in love, support and connection that feeds our soul, that provides us the energy to give outwards, that instills in our heart and body a sense of presence and ownership.

To be held in vulnerability and openness by those you love the most in this world is indeed a rare gift and one that has the propensity to change your life.


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