The Why

So today a friend reminded me why I’m here.   She was talking about her deep, dark depression that lead to a leap of faith on a health journey, that lead to her finding her way back to who she is and awakening a life she loves.

Don’t you remember when:

o   You’ve lost who you are.

o   You’re running on empty.

o   You don’t’ know where to go or the path to get back on track.

o   You don’t’ know what you’re looking for but you know things cant stay the way they are.

o   You just need skills for coping and getting back to a version of normal, so you can get through a day without needing a wine or screaming.

o   You don’t even realise how bad its gotten, you’re trapped in this unhappy place and you just accept it.

I’ve been here. She’d been there. I just know other mothers have been here too.

And this is what creates within me a feeling of my heart breaking and the impetus to want it to be different for other women. This is my why.

I totally GET the journey a woman goes through in becoming a new version of herself – and motherhood is a fast break version of this. We are forced to face ourselves, our inner child, our grown up self, our parenting, our vulnerability, our sacrifice and all our demons of belief’s that hold us back ….. along with the pure magnificence and joy of motherhood. It’s a Universal equilibrium, but shit sometimes those scales just seemed too far tipped one way!

Of course, the perfection in this is that you’re desperation, your heartbreak and your void on happiness creates an impetus and motivation within you to look for change, new tools and new way of being.

Each time I’ve shifted and had to change, it’s been tough – brutal even, but when I’m though the other side of the ‘learnings’, I’m able to come to gratitude for the heartache and challenge and see how it served me in creating who I am.

I want this for women. I want them to reconnect with who they are and where they are going in this life. I want them to find the peace and love in their challenges. I want them to see their magnificence and reconnect with that till I can see it pouring out of them like a luminescent light. This is what happens you know when women set their souls on fire and get back in love with who they are – the light up – and it is magnetic. You are drawn to that light, you witness it and you just want a little bit of it.

But when we turn our light down, when we’ve forgotten who we are, when we don’t recognise ourselves anymore, nor see our beauty – we dull our light. Our happiness dilutes and we run on less and less reserves.

There is a way back. Only its more than a way back. It’s a way forward, taking all your life lessons, learnings and challenges and mining the gold out of them to create within you a feeling of adoration and gratitude, a loving of your specific brand of beauty and magnificence and an ability to share your light with this world – we all need it.

If you need help connecting with who you are now, along with tools to get you back on track – come on over to Nourishing the Mother – Facebook and free weekly Podcast on iTunes and The Wellness Couch. We run twice yearly Women’s Retreats where we walk you through our toolkit for peeling back the layers to connect with your magnificence.