The Pleasure Diet

What is the pleasure diet? It is my ideal of how everyone would choose to live. It is a diet where food has no power and there is no right, wrong, good or bad. It is a diet based on honouring our body and soul through the experience of pleasure. Its a diet tailored by our intuition, with a bit of extra wisdom and guidance.

The real truth is: you don’t need someone to dictate to you your ideal diet. Sometimes you need a little nudge or exposure to what else there is – an expanding of your repertoire, but ultimately when you are eating with consciousness, listening to your body drivers, needs and feelings and accessing the beliefs or cravings behind these, food becomes almost irrelevant.

I have seen time and time again with clients that whenever they are craving a food, to break a rule or are left wanting, there is always a message behind it. It just seems that for most of us, our intuition can talk to us most easily through memory and association with a food. Its an easy access route to fulfilling your deespest needs and desires – it’s a guaranteed pleasure hit and it’s a tried and tested path that never fails. Its just often short term.

So it makes sense that perhaps after years of ‘being good’ and ‘doing the right thing’ – often ignoring or waving away your gut feelings, it becomes more difficult to decipher the subtleties of your intuition; your soul, talking to you through your human body.

We’re not schooled in tuning in. We’re not taught to follow our gut, if it means offending someone. We’re not shown a path to listening to the messages our body has for us. So food becomes a punishment or a reward, our behavior becomes good or bad. We become worthy or unworthy. And we hustle.

But there is another way – a kinder, more pleasurable, more enticing and sensual way to live. But it begins with these questions:

“What was I really wanting (on a social/emotional level) right before I had that craving? Can I do something to meet these needs?”

“What does that food represent to me? What is the memory and feeling attached to that food? Can I do something to meet these feelings?”

“What do I want right now?”

These questions are absolute gold for reconnecting with your intuition, beginning the path to listening to your body and soul and discovering the life force you posses when food has no power over you, but is there purely for your pleasure.