The Fats

I’m going a little Nutrition on you, but with good reason, I promise. Fats are something I am passionate about! So I’d like to light up a little of that passion with you in the hopes it rocks your world and creates a freedom and a party within your body.

Lets lay the ground work.

We need fat. Fat is used by our bodies in every single cell. They are used in every structure, within every cell in your body. They are used for brain chemistry, immune building and gut regulation. They are absolutely essential to the formation of your sex hormones….yes, the ones that create libido, vitality and mojo within your physical self. All of your testosterone, oestorgen, progesterone and all other other ones in between need fats to be created. Fats regulate our digestion and blood sugar levels – in short, our access to fat and the vitamins and cholesterol it contains, has the ability to control how our body functions.

So if there aren’t enough fats, what happens to all the ‘things’ that require fat to ‘work’?

The truth is they do their best to manage, and they will for a short time. But then the crack will start to appear. The processes will begin to ‘malfunction’ and you’ll begin to feel the effects.

We don’t make fat-soluble vitamins or cholesterol – we depend entirely on access to them from our diet. With the advent of the low-fat or no-fat diet, we are now seeing generations of people with deficiency symptoms. So the polar swing with this realization is the paleo diet and the Weston A Price diet phenomenons. Diet’s based on the consumption of ‘good’ fats, high protein (especially animal) and zero tolerance for grains and processed foods – you see in this paradigm, it’s the sugar in carbohydrate and pure form that creates disease.

You will never ‘get fat’ eating a high fat and protein, low carb and grain diet, because the fats nourish so much within our body and are so connected to the pleasure we receive from food.