The Deep Seductress

I’m sick…and so is my crew

 What do you do when your whole crew (family) are sick…and so are you…and you feel the opposite of seductive? Is a Seductress always seductive? And if she’s not, what is she?

Well, first off, being The Keeper of Wellbeing for your whole tribe is hard enough, but if you’re also down and out, its simply hell. What the heck is a seductress supposed to do?!

You see, the new paradigm of Seduction is not about what YOU ARE SEDUCING, but WHAT IS SEDUCING YOU. So in this frame, we are always seductive because our seduction is for ourselves; for our own pleasure and enjoyment. If this happens to flow outwards and someone (or many) pick up on this vibe and have their own combustible reaction to it, then enjoy their reaction to it – this is the marvelous, wonderful creation and inspiration process innate to all of us.

If you are not feeling sexy, you ARE still seductive, because it is innate within you – you were born with the ability and desire to be seduced and allow this seduction to flow outwards from a filled to the brim (or overflowing!) pleasure cup.

So, my darling, what is seducing YOU? Right now, in this moment, what do you crave? Yes, I know you have little ones pulling at you for attention, and food, and comfort…. and its exhausting. But what little piece of peace can you take right now and in every hour till this day is over? If you are able to put a little back in, I guarantee you’ll get through this day, this week, without hitting cabin fever pitch.

This is also the time I would ask you to lay down any judgments on screen time – this is exactly the moment when the marvels of screen time come to fruition and perhaps give you a much needed 20 minute (at least, fingers crossed!) break – YES! Screens are the Break-Time Fairy in disguise!

Even if you don’t feel like having a shower, want to put on trackies and lay on the couch all day – you are still a seductress, because you are honouring what is seducing you.

 If you want to skip breakfast, or eat pizza for lunch – you are still a seductress, because you are honouringwhat is seducing you.

 If you want to lay in the sun while the kids water-play on their own, or collect worms, or make snail homes – you are still a seductress, because you are honouring what is seducing you.

 A seductress is also boundaried and if it doesn’t serve her, she won’t allow herself to do it – knowing when she has full control over her boundaries she is totally safe to be who she is.  Do you have a To-Do List, that is overwhelming and you can’t even lift your head off the pillow? Is your house going to shit around you as your kids tear through it, room to room, but you don’t have the energy to move? Do you know you need to cook all manner of healthy amazingness, but all you can manage right now, without breaking down, is baked beans from a can, white bread from the pantry and milk from the fridge?

Ok. Breathe. You are safe to be you. When you trust your boundaries, you are safe to trust the full spectrum of your Seductress – this includes her light as much as her dark. Forget who is going to be offended, who you are ‘letting down’ – because the funny thing with these Universal Challenges, is when we finally put ourselves at the top of our priority list (yes, you get the face mask first for a reason!) and we get clear on what our boundaries are for self-care – there seem to be a number of other options and helping hands, than were previously ‘hidden’ from our sight, and those people who we thought we are letting down or offending find a way for this ‘challenge’ to serve them just as much. It does legitimately all work out in the end…the difference, the sliding door, is how ‘well’ you are at the other end….YOU are WORTHY of time out, of care and nurturing – of honouring your healing and boundaries.

So deep Seductress, how are you going to honour yourself in this challenging time?