“You see the sky, you cry, you don’t know why….”

This lyrical sentence is from a song I was listening to today…and it got me thinking. Have you ever seen such an exquisite sun set; that it sent your heart aching, your soul soaring and your body overflowing with feeling? Has it been SO beautiful, this sight you’ve witnessed, that it brought tears to your eyes? Has it ever felt like the angels pressed play and you were briefly privy to such glory, that it was almost too much for your human body to contain?

It reminds me of the movie “City of Angels” when Nicholas Cage is speaking to Meg Ryans character about crying; “maybe emotion becomes so intense your body just can’t contain it. Your mind and your feelings become too powerful, and your body weeps”.

I keep saying over and over “Let beauty feed your soul” – but if we were really, truly able to grasp the magnitude of the beauty of every single ‘thing’, moment and experience we would self-combust – our human form unable to ‘handle’ the enormity of that love, devotion and perfection.

This is what I mean by “Beauty is Infinite”; it is endless, without conformity and with infinitely unique perfection, just like the universe. This is ‘womans’ beauty too. There is no less or more beauty in any one woman – because beauty is infinite. There is enough to ‘go around’ and there are SO many forms of female beauty. I would go so far as to say I find something (or many things) beautiful about every single woman I meet and I enjoy the feeling of witnessing beauty, for I know beauty is infinite and I have no less or more beauty than the woman I’m relishing looking at.

When I see a gorgeous woman, or am drawn towards a womans infinite expression of beauty, my mind can go one of three ways:

o   I can relish it and enjoy the sensation I receive from witnessing beauty – for it feeds my own.

o   I can step outside of the experience for a moment and ask myself what it is that I’m attracted to. Then – where am I, or am I not, owning that within myself and how do I express more of it within me – because you only see what you already have…you just might not have claimed it for yourself yet.

o   I can jump into comparison between that woman and myself; which will lead to self-criticism, self-punishing and judgment.

So which feels better for you? Which would have your body singing with desire?

Know that beauty is literally infinite – it has no end, no beginning, no edges and no limits. A woman set on fire with her passions, desires and pleasures is infinitely beautiful, seductively magnetic and shines so brightly you can’t help but stare and feel drawn towards her…beauty is food for the soul and we’ll want to reach out for it.

Beauty is everywhere waiting for you to seep it up, set your heart on fire and ignite your soul. Sometimes this love is so overwhelming our bodies weep with sweet release – but tears are our gateway to vulnerability, sensuality and our connection to our soul – so stay a while in this moment, within this beauty and just love this sight, this smell, this sensual experience, with the adoration it was designed for.