Life is for the Living

 “Life if for the living” – thank you Lily Kershaw (if you haven’t heard her, you’ll die a thousand deaths when you do). What happens when we stop ‘living’? We stay stagnant, we don’t leap, we don’t grow, we don’t change and we do our absolute best to stay in the safety of our comfort zone.

The way forwards is always going to force you out of what you know, because if you stay the same, using the same tools, approaching situations the same way…how will you ever change and grow? But its so comfy here in the comfort zone isn’t’ it? You know it, you can anticipate it and you can plan it – but our souls are never satisfied being less than what we are capable of. So we begin to feel unrest, unease and an itching for “more”. But “the more”, the “what else” is scary and we don’t know the way – it is never clearly laid out before us and it is never absolutely planned.

The thirst to grow and chase the ‘dream’ is exactly what you should trust, because if you don’t choose your challenges, the Universe will place them where you are. So you can choose to stay in your comfort zone, because it’s the lesser of two evils – the less scary, but there will be equal challenges there…perhaps in other areas of your life. Or you can choose to take the plunge, choose the challenge, be active in chasing them even, for where there is challenge, there is growth and Universal support.

So follow you gut yearning for more, listen to the signposts of your desire, for it is the way of the feminine and the way of creation – creating a new you and your new reality. Sometimes the journey to the destination is the whole point – we need the challenges to grow and change and carve us into the type of person who befits the dream you’ve dreamt. The path of creation always involves the life-death-life cycle of the feminine, the Crone Archetype. “Death” is like a breakdown, before a breakthrough; the “Life” in the cycle. Sometimes we must shed our layers, allow those parts of us that no longer serve us to “die” so we can be “reborn” into the “new” us – this is the trajectory of soul growth – life-death-life cycles and its painful and its challenging and sometimes its downright shit, but I promise you my love this journey are and continue to expand and grow who we are.