How it all began...

I’m a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist – I’m pro conscious eating, healthy living and sustainability. I’m pro making healthy, healing choices. But. I don’t believe food is IT. I know there’s more to being healthy and living a healthful, fulfilling, inspiring life than controlling my kilojoules, my fat, my low-fat, my sugar, my carcinogens, my good foods and my bad foods. In fact, I think all of this is the biggest misconception in the health industry today. Renegade?

I’m a Women’s Healing Leader, Counselor and Doula – I’m pro women being in their bodies, making conscious, empowered choices that serve them. I’m pro tears, emotion and healing, unpacking their past and their beliefs that no longer serve them. I’m pro loving this vessel called Woman and loving yourself sick. BUT. I don’t think the solution to an inspired and happy life is sitting in our wounds and scars or ‘moving on’. I don’t think the answer in in the vague concept of ‘self-love’ and ‘self-esteem’. I don’t think being bad-ass, powerful and putting your ‘big-girl-pants-on’ is the way to an ecstatic existence. I think we women have lost our way – somewhere between ‘the little woman’ and the empowered feminist. Rebellious?

I’m a mum of three, I’ve worked and I’ve stayed at home. I’ve lived my life as a stay at home mum fervently defending the value of putting into our kids, nourishing hearth, health and family – often at the expense of my needs. Because that’s what a good mum does right? She serves, she gives, she says yes, she nurtures, she meets needs, she heals wounds, she hears her children’s hurts and rebellions and unwaveringly holds space for their development – and she receives the crumbs of care that are left. I’ve come full circle to times of hating my role, resenting my kids and wondering why, when I have such firm beliefs in the value of my role, was I so unhappy?

I’ve worked and I’ve had a career that was all about my ego. I’m THIS label, so I rock. I’m THIS label, so I’m a modern woman managing success and family – see? I’m THIS label, so I’m worthy – right? I’m so stretched I’ve got nothing left. I’m not giving 100% anywhere, and wheels fall off everywhere. But, I manage the juggle and I’m fulfilled right? Career, family, home….then why am I resentful? Why am I so tired?

So you see – a misfit. That’s me. I’ve spent my whole life trying to fit in, resenting the process, learning some truths about myself and the community I serve and I’ve changed. I’ve adapted. I’ve absorbed and turned my wounds into my greatest gifts. I’ve filled my perceived voids. I’ve shifted my perspective and I’m SO grateful. And you know what I’ve learnt? You know what my biggest lesson is? The thing I want all women everywhere to know and act on?

Pleasure, sensuality, desire. More delicious than any other aspect of health….