Hand it Over

So I recently aired on Nourishing the Mother Podcasts, “The Spiritual Vagina” episode. To be honest, we’d been talking about it for some time and on a whim we dived in. Shortly after, I was plagued by awkwardness – what if its not good enough? What if I didn’t cover everything I wanted to? What if its ridiculed and I feel inadequate? What if….. This is a classic Ego-based thought process – one beautifully designed to keep you in your comfort zone. So I took a breath, handed my stress over to “whatever it is, its perfect” and forgot about it….until it aired and got enormous traffic…

Some of that traffic was in celebration, some in shock and cringe – a spectrum that felt very familiar. My dear friend and mentor Bridget Wood always says – “you know you’re on the right path when you have just as many ‘haters’ as ‘lovers’” and I utterly get this. Universally we are always craving balance and if we don’t choose and honor our challenges, we will be swept up in the ones we don’t choose. When you think about the most successful people in this world, the ones you admire and aspire to be – aren’t there always people raining on their parade? Some in disgust and repulsion, some in utter adoration?

So what does it mean to “hand it over” to “whatever it is, is perfect”?

What it really means is that I see only an inkling of the intertwined perfection of this universe, so who am I to decide the value of something, or indeed the timing of it? How do I know how far the ripple I began travels? How do I know how one sentence, one moment, can change the course of one persons life? I can’t, so I hand over my stress, for trust in the universe’s magnificent ‘plan’.

I have utter trust in: if I’m being authentic and “in flow” with what feels inspiring or seems to stand out before me, that this is an opportunity (a sign post) that I need to head THIS way – and then I cant go ‘wrong’. That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenge, because there will, but if I stay in my flow and authenticity then I am able to choose my challenges in areas that inspire me and in doing so lead an inspiring life.

It is almost shocking to me how much grasping this one aspect has altered my life and my anxiety. I now reallyget that to follow what inspires me is leading me on my souls path and in the process of my self-discovery, there is perfection in the crossing over and awakening within those around me.

So, dear Spiritual Vagina Podcast listeners, whether you hated it or loved it, whether you gelled with it or felt ribbed by it, it is actually irrelevant. Because the fact that it crossed your path, that I was there in that moment with Bridget, in whatever mood we were in, following whatever thoughts ‘occurred’ to us, the fact that you listened to it or came across those words at that time, in that moment, following whatever thoughts or ‘Facebook rabbit hole’ you were in – is the perfect part. It is the seed that has laid ground ready to flourish something within you – perhaps not now, perhaps not in the way you thought – but one day you’ll be driving your car, or walking to work and something will awaken within you and send you on a path you would otherwise have missed…and this is the whole point.

So hand it over ladies xx