Childhood Calling

Have you ever stopped and noticed how the things you loved in your childhood keep cropping up?

Yesterday I watched a movie I loved as a young teenager and haven’t seen since – Dangerous Beauty. It fascinates me how my life has come almost full circle, how the things I’m passionate about now had clues back in my childhood and beyond. This movie is about a young Venetian woman who is trained by her mother to be a Courtesan. I still love it. How wonderful to be schooled in the art of pleasure, to know more than “safe sex”, to understand the language of desire and seduction without showing a hint of flesh. There are two lines, said by the very seductive Jacquiline Bissett, that keep coming up in my mind:

“To give pleasure, you must know pleasure” and “Desire begins in the mind”.

The truth of these statements ring so true for me, that their roots seem deeper than am consciously aware. How different would my life have been, my self esteem, my foray with love, had I been taught these two meanings in my adolescence?

I am always saying to my clients – “What does your deepest self desire?” Because when we get clear on what truly moves us, what we deeply want (without shame or guilt or fear of impossibility) it becomes easier to call it to us. Desire of the flesh, the feelings in our body and in our loins, are in response to us surrendering to the desire we first conjured in our mind. How do we ignite passion and desire in another? By tapping into desire in their mind, their creative imagination – it is where everything manifested begins, from what we are aware of to what we are unconsciously attracting.

It also answers the question – “how do I become more seductive?”.   To know how to give pleasure, you must first experience it. To know how to seduce, you must first experience seduction. So my darling, what is seducing you? What does your deepest self desire?

Take a moment to think about it. What seduces you? What creates yearning and desire within you? What do you truly, madly, deeply want? Follow those lush feelings – allow them to blossom in your belly, fan their flame and see what happens….you may just find you inner seductress…..

“The things you are passionate about are never random, they are your calling”