School Holidays - How to Keep the Pleasure

So it’s school holidays.  You’re maxed out on the care of others and your house is never quiet.  If you’re anything like me its a ramp up of cooking, cleaning and ‘dispute wrangling’…not an ideal recipe for any Goddess is it?

So how do I put the Goddess back into the school holidays?  Here’s my tips…

  1. Plan your food and snacks ahead of playdates – a playdate with ample food is a happy one, hungry kids = angry play.  I always do a shop a couple of days (or a week!) in advance.  I always check the night before whats on the menu and schedule for the next day – that way I can plan my day to be a Productivity Queen…and that makes me happy.
  2. Organise activities you love – they can be expensive (outings, events, workshops etc) or they can be a free – a park, beach, walk etc.  I also plan craft activities, so we can schedule in some down time – I usually couple this with a green smoothie for everyone involved (including myself) and instantly I feel able to drop into whats happening presently and relax.  This = enjoyment. Please note: I don’t plan craft I have to ‘monitor’ or help with – I set something up that I can enjoy on my own and kids can enjoy next to me on their own project.
  3. Schedule time out!  You are giving out extra, so you need to take in extra!  This can be time alone or a shower once hubby is home, or it can be when kids are out with friends or grandparents or it can be consciously choosing to sit, eat, drink and read whilst kids play or watch a movie.  Don’t make the fatal mistake of thinking you can keep running without filling up the tank.
  4. Plan catch ups with YOUR friends – its cool if they have kids you’re kids happen to adore, but make sure its filling your cup as well as theirs.
  5. If the house is closing in around you – GET OUT! Even just sitting outside in your backyard or driveway can lessen the feeling of captivity.  You just might find something fun to do…chalk drawing, ball games, digging, grass cutting with scissors, teddy bear picnic, water play, mud play, sun-bake….
  6. Laugh with your partner at the end of the day!  Celebrate making it through another hectic day and find the quirky, funny or downright silly things the kids did in the day.  Talking about it and retelling the story often feels wonderful, and what was irritating now seems so ridiculous its funny….laughter can be just as healing and releasing as tears.  Bring your partner into your world through story…they’ll only “get you” and make connection when you offer the path to follow.

I hope you find some love, light and gratitude in any of these tips and make it through your school holidays with your Goddess in tact. xx