The more you chase love, light and happiness, the more challenge struggle and pain you will attract – you are waking yourself up to your totality, wholeness and magnificence – not chasing a fantasy and downing yourself until all you will accept are the fragments left.

We can never be at peace when we are fragmented – so stop chasing it.

We can never be only one way, one half – we are whole.

You can’t choose only happiness. You can’t really KNOW happiness until you’ve felt the absence of it. You can’t love peace, until you know chaos.

Don’t you see?

There is no pleasure without pain.

There is no ease without struggle.

There is no peace without war.

Our emotions have a “sisterhood”. They are married to each other – to their perfect counterpart. The experience of one, brings the quest for the other. It is only by feeling one, that you can know the other.

Would you know love, had you not known the absence of it?

Would you recognise peace, if you had not known war?

Would you have gratitude for connection, had you not experienced disconnection?

Would you seek a lover, a friendship, a tribe, had you not known isolation?

Don’t you see how the sisterhood serves you? Don’t you see the perfection in the pain?

Whatever you are experiencing in your relationships you can choose to see as your moment for change, your catalyst for ownership and healing or you can avoid the pain and find a way around the discomfort and pain at the heart of the truth.

The trouble is, what we see in those around us, is our soul shining the light (through pain, which we take notice of) on what needs attention. No two people will ever see the same thing in any one person or situation – it is our perception, based on our own personal wounds and story that creates what we “see”.

So the truth of the matter is:

You can always find a way to avoid the pain and discomfort in your relationships and in your life, but they will keep coming up for you – you will keep hitting your head against that same dynamic – until you heal what its waking you up to, until you love the wound for what it brings you, until you love more of yourself.

You can only love a persons laziness, fatness, ugliness etc to the extent you can love your own laziness, fatness and ugliness….

You can run from a situation, but you can’t run from yourself – so you will keep experiencing it until you take the healing, the wisdom and the love that it is gifting you.