I am and I'm not

I am not the practitioner, or the friend, who will have empathy to the point of sympathy. I will not let you wallow in your story.

I will love you in your darkest and most vulnerable moments. I will hold your hand and your heart – but Iwill also give you a slap of self awareness.

I will ask you to step up to owning what you have manifested. I will ask you to tear open old wounds, to clean them out. I will help you move INTO pain.

I won’t help you run from it.

I will ask you to step UP into full ownership of the woman, the goddess, the priestess that you are – her light and her dark. I will love your ferocity and darkness as much as I will love your peace and wisdom.

Be everything. Own all of who you can be. Step into the totality of your magnificence – the warrior and the queen stand side by side.

Choose realness over “niceness”. Choose completeness over fragments.

Show up, be real, be authentic, be true – own your challenge and pain and wounding as much as you own your joy, your calm and your healing.

Give me your grit. Show me your true self. Let me bow at the alter of your total fierce magnificence…even if it is painful for me to do so.

It’s what I expect of myself.

Its what I ask of my friends.

Its what I want for my clients.

I can be your best friend, your sister, your lover….but I will also be your mirror, your teacher and your fiercest ally. Give me your depth, show me your strength, bare your wounds and I will see your soul…and this is what I will give back to you.

Don’t ask me to be something I’m not, don’t only love me only when I’m “good” and I will offer you the same back.

It is in this depth of this vulnerability we will find love, courage and bonding that will be life altering.

Julie Tenner