The Blessing Way Ceremony Services


A woman-centered celebration of the journey into motherhood. It is different from a baby shower in that it focuses on the femininity and power that comes through growing a baby and giving birth.

Adapted from the traditional Navajo’s sacred fertility rites, a ceremony is often segmented into several rituals. These rituals bring the women in attendance together through sharing blessings for the Mother-to-be.

A blessingway gives permission for every woman present to access her feminine intuitiveness, her fierce heart-knowledge and sets the tone for deep nourishment and connection.

A ceremony’s purpose is to connect the mother to herself and her tribe, so she can really be in her immediate experience, in safety and support, so that, when she is ready, she can let go…symbolic of the way in which we are called to gather and let go, so many times during labour, birth and motherhood.

Price: $450


Mother Blessing eBook

everything you need to know, do and organise to throw a Blessingway in a downloadable eBook.

Create your special event with intention and confidence.

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Full of ideas, how-to's and beautiful images to guide you through organising, setting up and running a Mother Blessing, Belly Blessing or Blessingway.

Whether you are considering hosting one yourself, or are seeking to know what options you have for rituals, then this is the book for you!

Price: $25

Julie wholeheartedly showered support and encouragement and held space so beautifully with my loved ones. I will always be filled to the brim with adoration and gratitude
— Cate
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Why hire someone to run your ceremony?

A woman experienced in holding space for other women is able to ‘hold’ everyone present in an energy that paves the way for connection, vulnerability and LOVE. When a safe container like this is created, women experience the safety they need to let go of what’s holding them back, to express from their deepest truth and share wisdom from their hearts.

The space that is held, determines how deep you as a mother-to-be will be able to go, the truths you will feel safe to bring conscious and the transformation that is possible on the other side of this ceremony, creating your readiness for the birth you desire.

What Ceremony leading includes:

  • Phone conversation to discuss the vibe, plan and specific rituals you would like to include

  • Follow up email detailing all materials required for the ceremony; it's your shopping or delegation list!

  • Travel to the ceremony location (within 50km of 3198)

  • Hosting of a 3 hour ceremony

  • A copy of my Blessingway eBook

Upon confirming booking, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required.

Optional Ritual Extras

Birth Stone Mandalas

Sets of 10 stones: $50

Locally sourced, hand selected stones for mandala drawing ritual. Due to the stone weight, this item cannot be posted, pick up is from Seaford, Victoria, 3198.  If I am running your Ceremony, I can also supply pens for drawing.


Wishing Lanterns

Set of 10 lanterns: $20, plus postage

made from lightweight paper fibre, in neutral colour for writing a blessing on prior to watching it fly!  As part of your ceremony this is a magical ritual.


Flower Crown

Price: $100 (includes gathering of items and creation of crown)

Created specifically for your event and for you to wear, calling out your inner goddess and honouring your sacredness on this day.  I will create a fresh foliage/flower crown made with in-season flowers, foliage and featuring Australian Natives. 


Book a Mother Blessing


Have a question? Ask it!

There’s no question too big or too small - honestly! So please feel free to ask me whatever you are seeking to know, so I can help you build what it is you are seeking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure my friends and family would be into it, or feel comfortable.

I hear this nearly every time! Promise! I know it can feel scary to contemplate and you’re worried about how those you love will feel, and you don’t wan’t them to feel uncomfortable! Most likely none of the women attending have ever been to a women’s circle, or a Blessingway, and perhaps you never have either. Perhaps they’re the types that ‘don’t really share’ or get vulnerable. But I promise you, THIS is why you hire someone like me to run it. When we have a leader in an experience they are able to open it up and take us with them on a journey; think about celebrants you’ve seen at weddings and funerals, they’re able to move you through a ceremony with ease because they know how to. Three things I always say to my clients are this:

  • YOU are your circle. Whatever uncomfortable feelings you’re having thinking about others, is actually you. Those feelings of discomfort you feel when thinking about ‘others’ is actually your mirror; reflecting an aspect of you that has not yet learnt to feel safe in them. Perhaps you feel like they can’t handle you in these spaces or with these feelings, or it’s not safe to be really honest and vulnerable, or tears are a sign you’re not coping….or its just plain uncomfortable being anything other than ‘together’ around them! It’s all you and it’s there for you to lean in and grow through, so you can offer your child a wider spectrum of tolerance and holding for all their big emotions. If you can parent yourself enough to show up fully and without pretence, then I PROMISE the women around you will reflect that same energy and intention. It happens every.single.time. Promise.

  • Don’t underestimate a woman’s ability and willingness to go deeper than you’re used to seeing them, when they are offered a space and pathway ‘in’. As women in this culture, there is no space created to sit in our hearts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a deep yearning to do so! These women will show up with everything they have and are, if you are also willing to. Don’t get stuck on judging how this looks or if you believe them to be capable or not.

  • The women coming together are brought together by a common purpose and thread; YOU. When we’re creating your Blessingway, we create it around YOU. We create it FOR you. So it will vibrate with your energy; amplified by the space you set up and how you invite your friends and family into it (make it special from the start). There are rituals within a Blessingway where they are allowed to really feel into who you are, how much they love you, the blessings they wish for you (and in doing so they feel into themselves) and it is far easier to say proclaim the love of another than it is for ourselves! For the mother-to-be, to hear that love and light reflected back with an open heart, without deflection, is a truly magical and humbling experience that sets you up for brining a new soul earthside.

I’m not sure I’m ready. Or need it. Or am ‘allowed’ to want it. It seems self indulgent.

This was me too! I had a traditional baby shower for my first born, but it was fairly ‘slap-dash’ and had no soul, full of silly games and frivolous conversation, it did nothing to prepare me for my birth or to be a mother. When I was pregnant with my second I felt completely unworthy to do anything. I’d had a shower the first time, so who was I to celebrate again?? My heart still aches at those thoughts. By my third I knew I needed a women’s space to heal, to let go, to empower and to be surrounded by deep and meaningful love and tenderness. It was my gateway into one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life, my friends still talk about it. By my fourth it wasn’t even a question of ‘if’, it was necessary for me to open up and let go so I could show up as the mother I wanted to be for this child. I felt totally ready afterwards and completely connected to the women around me that would carry me through the experience of this next child.

So I get it.

I wish I could hold you like the ghost of Christmas past and take you back in time to see, hear and feel those moments in my Blessingways and in every one I’ve held since then. There is pure magic present. Women who swoon and open and show up with a common bond of love and shared experiences of pain, fear and joy. These gateways in, these ceremony’s that mark the preciousness of a womans rite of passage through motherhood are nothing short of profound, heart opening and soul gathering.

You are worth it.

You are worthy.

It is an important part of your unfolding and your ability to go deeply within yourself; which all journey’s of birth and motherhood take us on.

It is an opportunity to really meet the women in your life and awaken to the magic you offer them; an opportunity to have your light reflected back and for your body and soul to fill up; ready to birth this child into that love-bubble.

I don’t even think its a question of whether you should or shouldn’t. It is my deep belief that all women need this type of experience to process what is needed for birth and their own unique journey into motherhood, no matter if it is a journey for the first or fifth time.


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