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I’m super practical when it comes to birth.  My ebooks and consultations will break down everything you (and your partner!) need to know and consider, to create the birth you desire – I hope you use this wisdom, formed over so many years and with so many women, to create a birth you adore.


Your birth is the one moment in your life that will sit in your heart and soul for eternity – therefore, what you experience and how you feel during labour, is extremely important.


It is entirely possible to have a labour and birth you LOVE – one that has you feeling loved up, inspired and more profoundly connected to your partner than ever before – but it doesn’t “just happen”.


“Wait and see” does not create a profound birth experience. There is no such thing as “The Good Birth Fairy” who wanders around bonking people on the head with a “good” or “bad” experience.


Birth is what you make it, what you put into it and what you process during pregnancy.


So know your choices – you don’t have any if you don’t! Create the best possible “environment” for you to have the best possible outcome for your birth – one that has you feeling empowered and with a birth story that can bring you to tears of gratitude in reflection of it.


Birth is your profound responsibility – to bring your child into this world is an ancient rite of passage, for when you birth your baby, you’re birthing yourself as a mother.


All women can feel loved up, inspired and deliciously connected in their birth experience – no matter what it looks like. The key is to know your choices and use your voice to stand up for what most deeply serves you. When women do this, birth is simply a divine experience – one that creates a connected and inspired woman and mother.


Lets create your empowered birth experience together…



Birth 101 – What to do and how to do it – 


Jam-packed with information, options and choices, presented in a practical, easy-to-read way.

Beautiful images, incredible organisational lists!

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Mother Blessing - Everything you need to know, do and organise!


Full of ideas, how-to's and beautiful images to guide you through organising, setting up and running a Mother Blessing, Belly Blessing or Blessingway.

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Blessingway Ceremony Services


Mother Blessing Ceremony Services

A Blessingway, or Mother Blessing, is a woman-centered celebration of the journey into motherhood. It is different from a baby shower in that it focuses on the femininity and power that comes through growing a baby and giving birth. The Blessingway is often segmented into several ceremonies that have been adapted from the traditional Navajo’s sacred fertility rites. These ceremonies bring the women in attendance together through sharing blessings for the Mother-to-be.

Having an experienced womens circle leader run your Blessingway creates a seamless experience where the space is held for connection, vulnerability and sets the tone for deep nourishment for all in attendance.  

Ceremony service includes:

  • Phone conversation to discuss the vibe, plan and specific rituals you would like
  • Follow up email detailing all materials etc required for the ceremony, to be purchased by host
  • Travel to the ceremony location (within 50km of 3198)
  • Set up and pack up of provided decorations
  • Running of a 2 hour ceremony
  • Flower crown making for mother-to-be (if choosing this ritual)

Price: $300


If you would like to have the creation of a beautiful, unique and meaningful Dreamcatcher be part of your ceremony but don't feel confident in making it yourself, then this service is for you!

With the items brought to the ceremony for mother or baby, I will create a uniquely styled dreamcatcher to anchor your love and intention for a lifetime!

This service can be part of a Blessingway or as an individual service.  

Turn around time is generally 2 weeks from receiving all items.  Dreamcatcher will be couriered back to the mother-to-be.

Price: $200

Or you can add this creation on to your Blessingway Ceremony Service for $150.

Additional Ritual Extras

BIRTH FLAGS - made from lightweight cotton, neutral colour, hand sewn and pressed. Cost: $3 each, plus postage.  If I am running your Ceremony, I can bring the fabric markers for drawing.

BIRTH STONE MANDALAS - hand selected stones from  for mandala ritual. Cost: $2 each, cannot be posted due to weight, pick up from 3198 is preferable.  If I am running your Ceremony, I can bring the pens for drawing.

GREEN LEAFY CROWNS for Guests - hand made "green" crowns for guests, made with in-season leafy greenery - made day before ceremony, can be picked up or I can bring to a ceremony. Cost: $5 per crown.

WISHING LANTERNS - made from lightweight paper fiber, in neutral colour for writing a blessing on prior to watching it fly!  As part of your ceremony this is a magical ritual. Cost: $1.50 per lantern, plus postage.


If you would like to discuss a package deal, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and I would love to open up this conversation with you and help you create a truly magical event. xx


For more images and examples of these services, see the Gallery.


Birth Services

Doula - Birth Attendant - Birth Coaching


Birth Coaching

Birth CAN be an incredible awakening and connecting experience.  Of course birth never actually “goes to plan”, but when you “do the work” in pregnancy to prepare practically and emotionally, no matter what actually ends up happening you can meet each experience with knowing, surrender and connection – this is empowered birth – to know all of your choices and options so you can be in charge of what happens to you and your baby, when you call the shots you can have a beautiful experience no matter how it pans out.

Traumatic birth only occurs when you don’t have the information you need to feel empowered and “things” are done TO YOU, you are no longer in-charge of your body, your birth or your baby….you don’t have choices if you don’t know them!

This service is all about helping you create the birth you desire.  Together with you and your birth support partner/s we will workshop what you need to get through birth and labour.  We will delve into your story and workshop how to physically and emotionally support you through your labour and birth.


We will look at:

  • Your place of birth and what protocols you need to be aware of

  • All stages of birth – whats happening, what you and your partner can do

  • Workshop all your options for labour and birth, creating the most connected and supported environment possible for you to release and surrender to labour and bring your baby into this world with love and presence.

  • Workshop all your options for Birth Plans and when birth doesn’t go to plan


This is a 2-session package!  
In the first meeting we’ll go through labour and birth physically and practically.
In the second session we’ll delve into your story, your psyche and how to emotionally design your unique birth and labour plan for you and your partner.



Package Price: $400 for 2 x 2 hour Birth Coaching Sessions


Doula, Birth Support, Birth Attendant

Creating your intimate birth support team is your greatest ‘weapon’ when dealing with natural birth – you are only as strong as your weakest link, so don’t have any weak links in your intimate support team!

We deeply love our partners, but its a tall order to expect them to be “in charge” of looking after you, their baby, dealing with staff and knowing what to do when things aren’t going well…plus all the practicality of birth, timing, food, packing, unpacking..etc.

Hiring professional birth support expands your resources and creates a more connected and empowered birth experience – it doesn’t “take away” from the intimate experience you and your partner have birthing your baby, it adds to creating it.

Together over 3 sessions we will workshop everything you and your partner need to intentionally create a profound birth experience.  

Then when it comes time to labour and the welcome of your baby into this world, I will be with you - expanding your resources, guiding you and your partner through your best possible labour and birth.

Getting birth savvy means making choices and creating an environment both within you and external to you that allows you the best opportunity to have a divine birth experience.  


price: Birth Support Package $1500


I only take on a limited number of couples each year, so please check my availability or ask any questions via the form below.  Alternativley, you are welcome to contact me by phone or socials.


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