Birth 101

- What to do and how to do it - 

A guide for couples on creating your best birth!

Everything you (and your partner!) need to know to create the birth you desire!  A super practical, how-to guide, to step you and your partner through what to do, what to ask, what to consider and what to pack!

Birth 101 is worth it’s weight in gold twice over.
Thank you again!
— Renee

In this book you will learn:

  • How to guide your baby into the best possible position for birth

  • How to achieve your version of an empowered birth – with or without interventions

  • How to get through each stage of labour – what to consider, what to do

  • Photo's of labouring positions to try

  • How to write a birth plan, with birth plan examples!

  • A whole chapter for birth partners and support crew – how to help the birthing mother – what to do and how to do it for each stage of labour.

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"Julie's wisdom shines through every page! I'm sure that what I learnt in this book completely changed the birth of my second child!"

- Jannet, VIC



Your birth is the one moment in your life that will sit in your heart and soul for eternity – therefore, what you experience and how you feel during labour, is extremely important.

It is entirely possible to have a labour and birth you love – one that has you feeling loved, inspired and more profoundly connected to your partner than ever before – but it doesn’t “just happen”.

“Wait and see” does not create a profound birth experience. There is no such thing as “The Good Birth Fairy” who wanders around bonking people on the head with a “good” or “bad” experience.

Birth is what you make it, what you put into it and what you process during pregnancy. So know your choices – you don’t have any if you don’t! Create the best possible “environment” for you to have the best possible outcome for your birth – one that has you feeling empowered and thrilled.

Birth is your Mount Everest. It requires the same peak physical and psychological performance as elite athletes. You wouldn’t turn up to climb mount Everest saying:

“Oh, I’ll be right, no need to plan and prepare – I’ve got legs for walking and arms for climbing”

You would research until you knew every possible outcome, danger and consideration. You would plan your supplies and your team to get you through. You would prepare mentally and physically.

This is your Mount Everest.

Plan. Prepare. Research. You might as well throw everything at it that you’ve got, just in case you need it – because you never get this moment back.

What’s the point in all this preparation? Research tells us that roughly 80% of birth, with no awareness, is a repeated experience. What this means is, if you are “unconscious” (don’t actively/consciously prepare) in your birth preparation and labour, you are 80% likely to repeat yourbirth – yes, the birth experience you were born into. Why? Because labour and birth is a journey into the subconscious and we will play out our own story, unless we equip ourselves to change it. Its why you see families of cesareans, of epidurals or hideous labour experiences – what we run from, runs us until we face it.

So lets get this party started and begin equipping your birth tool kit together!!


Chapters in this book include:

  • Pregnancy and Guiding your Baby into the best possible position

  • Hospital Bag – what to pack for: mum, baby, use at home, the car, a homebirth

  • Labour: empowered birth, the magic of the cervix, support team, crises of confidence, labour stages, hospital timing, pain relief

  • First Stage of Labour: covering pre labour, early labour and established labour – what to do, what to consider and how to do it!

  • Planning your birth circuit and photographs of positions to try and consider

  • Second Stage of Labour – everything you need to know about pushing – all your options, what to do and how to do it!

  • Third stage – what you need to know, what to do and how to do it!

  • Partner Support – dot point guides on each stage of labour – what to do to, what to consider and how to support the birthing mum!  Packed with tips, tricks, positions and ideas in an easily accessible format.

  • Writing your Birth Plan – what to do, how to compose it and examples to consider


If you love lists, if you love simple and practical information,

if you need to know the "why" before you make a decision -

then you will LOVE this book!

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This book changed the way I viewed birth. I was able to empower not only myself, but bring my partner into my birth preparation and birth space with confidence
— Emma

Start creating your best birth TODAY! 

If you don't know your choices, you don't have any


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