Dive beneath the waves.

Enter your subconscious journey with as much awareness and preparation as you can.
Find your hearts-song, connect with your sacredness.
Birth your baby earthside soulfully.


Birth awakening sessions.

Let’s chat together and work out:

  • What’s in the way

  • What you need

  • What’s going on

  • How can you meet it, plan for it, scaffold around it

For women who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant and change the story.

A 1 hour phone conversation with me - $100
(I’m only releasing 10 consultations at this point in time)



Mental, spiritual & Emotional labour support.

For when you’re hitting all your edges:

  • When you hit your limits in birth, mentally or physcially

  • When it’s not going as you want

  • When you wish it were different

  • When you just plain don’t know what to do anymore

    ….but there’s this little piece in you that just wants to go further….

Let’s be on the other end of a phone from each other:

  • Find whats in the way

  • Be with what is

  • Work out how to move forwards

  • Clear your mind, get back ‘in the game’

  • Seek my help, access my wisdom

It’s unwritten, so let’s rewrite what’s possible…

How does it work?

I’m here for you.  As you need it, when you need it.  I’m just a phone call away.

This package includes private voice message support in the last week of your pregnancy (and until you have your baby) to touch base, then a single on-call phone call, up to 45 minutes in duration, at any time during your labour and birth.

It’s a service to help you, when you need it most, as you prepare for your baby and your descent under the waves.

Price: $250

birth ebook.jpg


Birth 101


Jam-packed with empowering information, options, choices and practical steps - it’s all the physical know-how of to rock a natural birth, presented in a practical, easy-to-read way.


Doula Services

I’m not currently taking on birth clients as a Doula, until my youngest is older! But my Doula-on-call service in GUIDED (above) is the way to go to still access my wisdom as you prepare to meet your child (…and your unconscious!).

I recommend Bree Downes


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Mother Blessing

Everything you need to know, do and organise!


Full of ideas, how-to's and beautiful images to guide you through organising, setting up and running a Mother Blessing, Belly Blessing or Blessingway.

Price: $25

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Mother Blessing Ceremony Services


A woman-centered, heart-felt ceremony to honour the woman’s journey of becoming a mother. An event full of love and connection to Bless The Way for a mother-to-be as she prepares to welcome her baby.

Ceremony Price: $350

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