It all started when...

I'm Julie, The Pleasure Nutritionist - a Naturopath, specialising in women's health, wiht a specific focus on awakening women to their full potential by connecting them to their feminine.  It's health for the mind, body and soul that creates lasting life change for you and your family, by "coming home" to your magnificence.

Our greatest passions, our drive for what we believe in and our genius are all wrapped up in our greatest challenges.  Our challenges and our genius, or soul purpose, generally always have a theme that we can trace back throughout our life story.  Mine is disconnection from, and loathing of, my body, my feminine vessel and the struggle to get back what I thought I was without.

From childhood I took on the label of "misfit" - bullied, unsure of myself and without a deeply connected "tribe", I sought to find "my peeps" throughout my life - a drive that still serves me to this day!  Community and deeply connected friendships are a core value of mine and a mission I nurtured deeply.  This allowed me great access to incredible networks of women both personally and professionally.

I grew up in a family where health was a core value - we were growing and drinking Kombucha long before it was cool to do so!  My father was up at 5am every day practising yoga and was often heard saying "white bread, soon dead!".  So it was a huge shock when at the age of 51 he was diagnosed with cancer.  Choosing a completely alternative medical pathway, we were catapulted into the vast network of alternative cancer therapy, therapists and treatments.

These experiences led me to choose to study Naturopathy and ultimately choose to specialise in cancer therapy.  In practice though, this specialty was too raw for me, as I desperately tried to save everyone who walked in my door.  The pain of this caused me to further study and specialise in children's healthcare, which led on to the study of women's health.

In the background of this, is a really large story around body-dysmorphia, eating disorders and an internal critic that had me loathing who I was and the form I came in.  So I deeply understand what it is to not have self-love, to feel disconnected, to punish yourself in immeasurable ways, to feel numb.  

The beauty of this void is that it drives my value for body connection, body-love and health, which still serve me to this day.  Having experienced this pain, I have found a pathway to the pleasure.

Whilst pregnant with my first child I began diving deeply into women-centred, body-centric therapy, birth and sitting in a place of connection and trust with my body in a way I never had before - it was tremendously empowering.  Looking to the women around me, I mimicked a set of choices and education that led to empowered, beautiful birth experiences.  I still want to kiss myself for the choices I made back then, largely blindly! These choices combined with my strong body-awareness, led to my first incredible awakening into my feminine, an experience of birth that was transformative and spiritually orgasmic for me and resulted in the intervention-free birth of my son.

By the time he was one, I was back practising Naturopathy and lecturing at Endeavour College of Natural Therapy.  

It was during this time that I really delved deeply into women's circles, ancient feminine wisdom and for the birth of my second child, my first daughter, we planned a homebirth.  The work I did during her pregnancy allowed me to dive even deeper into the abyss of birth, to reach even greater levels of pleasure and to sink even further into my soul.  This all resulted in what I can only describe to you as a romantic, loved-up birth.

Having had these existential experiences I couldn't leave birth there!  I became a passionate birth and breastfeeding advocate, a member of the ABA, ran a Natural Parenting Playgroup and delved really deeply into the world of Attachment, Aware and Playful Parenting.  After attending a close friends birth, as birth support for her, she urged me to train and share "my gift" with the women of this world.  

In 2009 I trained with Rhea Dempsey to become a Birth Attendant/Doula and changed my practice to specialising in pregnancy and birth support for couples - Naturopathic Birth.  I have attended close to 70 births since then.

Then in 2012 I experienced a missed-miscarriage that rocked my world to the brink of insanity.  My body trust and health beliefs were shaken to the core.  It was a deep road to recovery mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically - but what I learnt has been profound and paramount in terms of my evolution as a woman, mother and healer.

It was during this time that I started to question health as a paradigm I had been trained in.  I found a clash within myself between fully embodied physical/emotional/spiritual health and health as I had been classically trained.  For me there was such a vast gorge between health in the feminine - intuitive, gentle, more psychodynamic - and the masculine - stringent food rules, input/output diets, a scientific explanation on physical health.

How is it that the organic, yoga person gets cancer and the health pioneer has a miscarriage she didn't recognise?

Isn't it supposed to work that the healthier you are, the more you look after your body - the more you "vaccinate" yourself from ill-health?  Yet in a way, my life was demonstrating the opposite - what was I missing?

That sweet spot of collision between the physical, the mental (or emotional) and the spiritual...

Are you what you EAT, or what you THINK?

And if you are what you think, then WHY are you thinking it?

The collision between soul and body was absolutely crystal clear to me.  The way to really heal my physical body, was to heal my mental and emotional blocks!  In doing this I created shifts in my life that rippled out into my body, my family and I felt like I was responding to the calling of my soul.  This was what it was all for.  I now saw that all my life experiences had led me here - to this total body-embodiment of what health feels like.  

So in response to this awakening I did what I had never done before - I radically nourished my feminine.  Not just a nod in her direction, but a total immersion in what that was for me.  I drank in the wisdom of any and all women around me.  I studied with heroins of the divine feminine and seductive arts.  I re-discovered what had been buried for as long as I could remember....and my world blossomed...

I gave birth to our third child exactly 1 year later in a birth I can honestly, from the bottom of my soul, tell you was pure joy, rapture and pleasure.  I never once felt pain.  I felt present, connected, soft and honouring.  In fact I felt so rapturous, I didn't really consider I was in labour!  My daughter was born on the floor of our lounge-room with only myself, my husband, my two older children and our dog present.  She slid into this world in such a space of connection and love, I could still cry thinking about it.

My journey as a mother of three, has stirred such reverence within me for women - for their capacity to give even when they think they have nothing left, for the vastness of their love, for the magnificence of their beauty in who they are when they dive deep and travel tough roads.

When I think about what inspired me the most, it is when I witness the women around me shining in all their glory, unapologetic for who they are, unafraid to show up in this world with their genius, unburdened by their expression of beauty.  It is a magnificent sight to witness and I want that feeling for all women.

When I think about what saddens me the most, it is when I see women turning their "dial" waaaay down - when they shrink to less they they are, when the bow-out instead of show-up, when they admonish themselves for their "failures" instead of witnessing their wondrous genius and celebrating what their body has to offer them.  In short, when the women around me feel unworthy, when they feel "not enough", when they have lost connection for just how spectacular they are, I feel such a profound sense of lose and desperate sadness it is almost too much to bare.

I want to grab these women and shake them awake!  I want to show them the jewels they already own and the magnificence that is theirs to claim.  I want women to reconnect to their feminine power.  I want women to realise their worth and pave the way for their daughters.

So, The Pleasure Nutritionist was born - I want women to know they CAN feel lush in a long-term relationship and in motherhood.  I want women to claim the missing ingredient to their health - their pleasure and their femininity.  

I am here to wake you up to your full potential.  To show you the path to claiming what is yours to have and to help you smash the boundaries that stand in your way...