The Pleasure Nutritionist
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I sew magic into the woman’s journey of knowing herself more deeply

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Julie Tenner is a mother of four, Co-founder of Nourishing The Mother and The Pleasure Nutritionist. A Naturopath and doula, her focus is on women’s embodiment and bringing the pleasure back into our health, mothering and lives.  Author, Birth Coach, Health Professional, Mothering Mentor.

A captivating storyteller, Julie brings heart and charisma to her work with a distinctive combination of knowledge and soul.  Passionate about women, body connection and parenting, Julie has expertise on health and wellbeing with intellectual foundations and spiritual underpinnings.  She can masterfully weave physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health into practical lifestyle tips and choices, inspiring conscious questions, thought and change. 

This body of knowing is so deeply steeped in Julie's 'being', that combined with years of practice in holding womens space in birth and in transformative circles, Julie has an ability to anchor intention and weave ceremony in a potent and meaningful way....with a sprinkle of magic.